This book is simply titled Family! Carol Koch joins 11 other authors in focusing on different aspects of family including,Marriage: – Overcoming the past and building solid foundationsChildren and grandchildren – Raising superheroes and building legaciesCareer and Family – Prioritizing and excelling in bothSingle ParentsFathers and Fatherlessnessand more!The authors are Women on the Frontline who open their hearts and transparently share personal experiences, challenges to overcome, lessons learned, and above all, biblical principles to help us have the thriving family that God desires for us. At the end of each chapter there are questions to ponder, activations, and decrees.It can be read for personal growth and devotion times and can also be used also as a trigger for interaction in fellowship and Bible study groups. May this tool empower you to stand in agreement with God for the strengthening and healing of the family.Authors: Patricia King, Beckah Shae, Janet Angela Mills, Sue Ahn, AJ Jones, Charity Bradshaw, Wendy K. Walters, Juanita Weldon, Carol Koch, Teri Secrest, Elizabeth Tiam-Fook, Kate Walters,

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Family, Empowering Families by Patricia King

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