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Teaching Children to Pray

Teaching Children to Pray will equip parents and leaders to mentor a generation of children to develop the ability to hear God and build a solid value and belief foundation at an early age. This teaching tool will empower you to raise up children that know their God and will do great exploits for Him! It will train them to grow in their faith and to walk in their spiritual gifts. What a delight to take on the "mandate" of becoming Spiritual Fathers and Mothers that will go from generation to generation!

4 Training Sessions:

  1. Vision and Insight for building in children a moral and core value belief based on the foundational truth from the Bible.

  2. The 3 Stranded Cord - Practically equipping children in the Word, worship and prayer.

  3. Gifts of the Holy Spirit - It's important to teach, build a desire and give opportunities, in the safety structure of our homes and churches for children to have a core belief in this biblical teaching.

  4. Establishing Kid's Prayer Groups - A practical demonstration on how to set up prayer centers in your homes and churches.

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